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2014 CSCS Selects Tour

Colorado Ski Country Selects Tour


March 29 – April 6, 2014
Engelberg, Switzerland
The Selects will be made up of current High School and Midget aged players (birth years 1995 – 1998), and is intended to provide our players the opportunity to compete internationally against teams from across Switzerland and central Europe. The team will have two (2), 1-hour practices prior to playing 5 full length games in the Sporting Park Engelberg.
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How Does This Site Work?

This site is dedicated to the players of the Colorado Ski Country Selects!

We have created this great fundraising website to help all our CSCS participants raise money and defray the costs of their trip.  And the best part of this program is… every single dollar raised by the athlete, goes directly to the athlete! We have found this to be very beneficial to prospective sponsors as the people in your circle of influence want to help YOU, not the entire team, and therefore are much more inclined to help out when they know that every penny they donate goes directly to you.

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